Investment fields

Danen exports global resources to Chinese leading entrepreneurs, together developing opportunities in emerging markets with our local resources and market experience.


Having profound insights into a company’s strategy and foundation, we unlock M&A value through providing comprehensive capital solutions.



Tapping into market dividend and seizing research-based transformation dividend. Centring around outstanding entrepreneurial resources in seek of supply-side momentum.


and Health

Having involved in medical services for years and invested in many distinguished entrepreneurs, our team is dedicated to forging an M&A empowerment platform.


We will stay and grow with outstanding entrepreneurs

/To break cognitive limits and explore boundaries./

  • Restrain investmentdesire as Danen’s routine precept

    only by which can fluke mind be prevented.
  • Exit and return arethe golden standards

    Stick to rational and objective, value embraced and empowerment investment unveils the matter of prime importance.
  • Unremitting invest in “team cognition”is lucrative than in anything else.

    which perfectly answers “What is the best investment project”.
  • The project denied by all may be the worth investing the most.

    Own it by understanding it, otherwise, it is merely the flash in the pan.
  • Always follow outstanding entrepreneurs rather than the whirlwind.

    Never be a tide-maker, we invest only in potential innovators who are heavily undervalued and effaced for the time being.
  • History always repeats itself in an amazing way.The understand and reverence to cycle is the key to our survival and development.

    Only by understanding and experiencing industrial cycle will one avert the same pitfall.


Danen is composed of a professional team with rich experience in investment and capital market, a team with industrial partners and and a team with continously successful entrepreneurs. The stable cooperation lasts for more than seven years, forming a three-engine-driven team synergy effect, providing business management consultation, capital operation and corporate social resources for entrepreneurs and enterprises, helping enterprises to improve their internal ability from the market, management and capital market operation resources, smoothly transit through the bottleneck period of resource integration to an upward track and create higher value.


Danen Capital is committed to an equity investment institution with a global vision. We devote ourselves to the search of outstanding entrepreneurs and game-changing opportunities. With our rich cross-border transaction experience in Europe, the US and emerging markets as well as offshore supportive network in vertical industries, Danen is able to provide value-added services for invested companies through creating and dominating transaction opportunities.
Besides, we also embed companies to local resources in emerging markets. At present, Danen teams and invested enterprises locate in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Silicon Valley, New York, Austin, Jakarta, Nairobi etc.


Exit and return are the golden standards
Nearly 1/3 of investments lead to M&A or IPO
Over 90% of the invested companies received next rounds of financing. When realizing strategic layout in vertical industries, they also created huge financial returns for Danen and its investors.

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